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Children Of The Night

Their laughter echoed
Gently and faded
In the distance.
They drove in cars and
Walked down streets
To where,
They did not know.
Endless joking and
Poking fun at each other,
Then all sat and
Talked about the greater things
In life.
Some held hands,
Some watched each other,
Some would later join
With each other in
The girls,
With their pretty clothes
And perfect hair
Will compete for attention.
The boys,
With their shiny cars
And cigarettes
Lay back and watch the action.
It doesn’t matter
That every night passes
Without any sign of
Something new or different.
They don’t care that
Others scoff or look down
Upon their gatherings.
They live only
For the dark hours,
When it is easiest
To be yourself.
When big things
Seem to go away and
The little things
Are all that matter.
They are the
Children of the Night.

-Sabrina Hoddy

Posted by: dreamerspoetry | July 13, 2009

Fairytale Ending

A life of magic,
A world of moments.
The little things
Take over and
The big things
Seem small.
I am living in a fairy tale.
My knight in shining armor
Is jousting in the tournament today.
My ladies-in-waiting
Laugh and smile at my tender thoughts.
Today I went out to the fields
And picked daisies,
While my guards stood,
Ever watchful.
I am turning the pages
Of my fairytale book,
The colors rich and
Images bright.
The tournament has begun.
On and on,
The knights ride.
The competition is cold and harsh,
For today the tournament champion
Shall win my heart.
I have no doubt
My knight will win.
Yet my heart turns to stone
As I watch him surrender
To the Black Knight
Of Reality.
I watch my knight,
His armor tarnished,
His noble steed ungroomed.
I turn and fly,
Sobbing as I reach
My tower room.
No lady nor king,
Not even a peasant
Thought to warn me.
I spent my days gazing
From the highest keep,
Daydreaming of love,
Humming melodies of happiness,
Thinking of castles and dresses,
Balls and fairies.
I watch as my fairy tale book
Is burned in the flames.
I yearned all my life for
My fairytale ending.
I never thought it would mean
The end of a fairy tale.

-Sabrina Hoddy

Posted by: dreamerspoetry | June 27, 2009

Let You Go

I never thought I’d meet someone like you,

You were good as gold,

Tall and true

The man of my dreams,

Or so it seemed,

But somehow,

I find myself saying this to you now,

I care for you,

But I can’t go on.

You’re holding another girl,

And I’m supposed to be strong,

It’s not fair,

I deserve more,

And you see its my heart that you’ve torn,

I can’t take the pain,

I have to let you go,

And start all over again,

I’ll see you later, my friend.

You were a dream to me,

A prince,

A man my heart learned to trust,

You held my hand,

And you won my heart,

Earned my love,

And I had finally come to believe

That you were enough for me.

I have to let you go

You’re hurting me,

I was so in love with you.

I couldn’t see

That things wouldn’t work out

Oh, I tried my best,

But I have to let you go,

And put this in the past.

-Brittney Taylor

Posted by: dreamerspoetry | June 27, 2009

Forever Forgotten

Clearness curves upward,

Stretching, growing,

Reaching to be defined

As it establishes itself on the mantle

Only to be called dust later.

It wraps cold invisible fingers

Around the stems of old roses,

Which were once beautiful, eons ago,

But forgotten, they grow pale and dim,

The last of their color tinting the curling edges.

The bond of youth having fled,

The petals detach

And day after day

They fall and drift in silence to the floor

And then, at last, all that remains

Is the vase of stems,

Shrouded in a blanket of diminishing, flaky thoughts and dreams,

They are forever forgotten.

-Brittney Taylor

Posted by: dreamerspoetry | June 14, 2009

It’s On!

It’s on like Donkey Kong!

It is on like mustard on a hotdog,
Like syrup on pancakes!

It’s on like stripes on a zebra,
Like me on a pile o’ pancakes!

It’s on like cheese on a burger,
Like shoes on feet!

It’s on like humps on a camel,
Like maggots on rotten hamburger!

It’s on like sauce on spaghetti,
Like pepperoni on pizza!

It’s on like salt on fries,
Like butter on toast,
Like icing on a cake,
Like nuts on ice cream!

It’s on like green hats on leprechauns,
Like big red shoes on Ronald McDondald!

It’s on like antlers on a deer,
Like a wart on a big monkey butt!

It’s on like flies on poop,
Like croutons on a salad!

It’s on like whipped cream on a pie,
Like bells on santas sleigh!

It’s on like yellow on egg yolks,
Like foam on root beer!

It’s on like fuzz on a peach,
Like books on a shelf!

It’s on like bats on a cave ceiling,
Like scum on a pond!

It’s on like a picture on a wall,
Like dimples on Spongebob’s face!

It’s on like penguins on an iceberg,
Like bad movies on SciFi channel!

It’s on like raindrops on a window,
Like eyeballs glued on a tv screen!

It’s on like bandages on a mummy,
Like neck cramps on a giraffe!

It’s on like keys on a chain,
Like hair on your face!

It’s on like zits on your back,
like Elvis on a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich!

It’s on like mud on a pig,
like Ben on stage!

It’s on like a mic on a mic stand,
Like strings on a harp!

It’s on like keys on a piano,
Like knobs on an amplifier!

It’s on like bacon on a griddle,
Like fleas on a dog!

It’s on like butter on a biscuit,
Like cheese on crackers!

It’s on like seashells on a beach,
Like porta potties on a campground!

It’s on like rocks on a forest floor,
Like wind on the trees!

It’s on like splinters on a board,
Like grubs on a rotted log!

It’s on like a lion on its prey,
Like tiles on a roof!

It’s on like a frog on a lily pad,
Like candy on Halloween!

It’s on like a bee on a flower,
Like presents on Christmas!

It’s on like a rug on a floor,
Like Chuck Norris on Walker Texas Ranger!

It’s on like a pan on a stove,
Like Robert Pattinson on Twilight!

It’s on like Barry Bonds on steroids,
Like the space shuttle on a launch pad!

It’s on like a clock on a wall,
Like a wrestler on his opponent!

It’s on like paint on a canvas,
Like Rogaine on a bald guy!

It’s on like food on a plate,
Like whiskers on a cat!

It’s on like pancake makeup on a clown,
Like a mohawk on Mr. T!

It’s on like cushions on a couch,
Like animals on a rampage!

It’s on like King Kong on the Empire State building,
Like maraschino cherries on a sundae!

It’s on like a show on tv,
Like kidz on a slide!

It’s on like ants on pound cake,
Like Mr Spock on the Enterprise!

It’s on like cars on the Golden Gate Bridge,
Like buttons on a remote!

It’s on like a megashark on a giant octopus,
Like Darth Vader on the Death Star!

It’s on like blades on a helicopter,
Like an aglet on a shoelace!

It’s on like racecars on a track,
Like a chicken on a nest!

It’s on like church on Sunday,
Like words on paper!

It’s on like cats on catnip,
Like hands on a clock!

It’s on like rails on a staircase,
Like pictures on a camera!

-Megan Parker and John Hoddy

Posted by: dreamerspoetry | June 7, 2009

Catch Me, Carry Me

I stand upon a rock,

That cannot be destroyed

And if I fall

If Satan knocks me down

You will not need to pick me up

Because You’ll have caught me

Before I’ve even hit the ground

You’ll set me back upon the rock

And You’ll never leave my side

You’ll always be there

To catch me when I fall

I’ll never walk alone

And You’ll carry me

When things get so hard,

That I cannot walk on my own

You areĀ  my God

And I trust You

With all my heart

-Megan Parker

Posted by: dreamerspoetry | June 7, 2009

The Zone

Let me tell you of a wonderful place
Where there’s always a friendly face
You’ll always hav a lot of fun
Even when the day is done
There’s so many teens
Most of them wearing jeans
It is the place to be
Trust me, come see
You’re always welcome
So don’t sit on your bum
Come learn about God
We may be odd
But that’s just our way
Come to the Zone every Wednesday!

-Megan Parker

Posted by: dreamerspoetry | June 7, 2009

Like Moonlight

Your eyes pierce mine

In a way I can’t explain

Daring me to come closer

But warning me of what you are

So dark and deep,

Beckoning me,

With each step I take to you,

To take just one more

I touch your face

ButĀ  you seem like a dream

Something I can hold,

But for a moment, like moonlight

Before the clouds roll in and hide it from me

A promise meant to be kept,

But for how long

Before one breaks or even both

Still I am not strong enough

To be without you

You save me from yourself

And from myself as well

I cannot bear to think

That one day you’ll be gone

Though you promised to stay. Please don’t go.

Don’t ask me to go without you,

I need you, so much

-Brittney Taylor

Posted by: dreamerspoetry | June 7, 2009

To Hold On

I know you’re out there

I feel it, I feel you

You’re lost, scared, running,

You’re searching for a truth

Stung by bitterness, unseen but real

You struggles, you fight

But against the wrong things,

And against me

I’m no hero. Still I dare

Yes, I may bleed, I may cry

I may even fall short,

But that makes me human,

I still care

You are no villain

Everyone has bad days

I saw your heart before you locked it away

And threw away the key

The key is gone

But I can still hope

One day you’ll break free

From whatever it is that is holding you down

I won’t give up

I can’t

Friends don’t do that

-Brittney Taylor

Posted by: dreamerspoetry | April 30, 2009


From the very

First moment,

I knew.

From the very

First moment,

I was falling.

For him.

At first it was

That smile,

It started so

Small, but it

Only grew.

Then it was

His eyes.

Such a beautiful color,

Like the blue-green glass

Rolling in the sea.

Dark gray whispers

Of something deep within.

Those eyes,

They drew me closer.

From the very

First moment,

I knew.

I fell in love

With him.

But it just was not

To be.

There was always

Just that something,

The something that

Can never be explained.

My heart,

It breaks.

It breaks for him.

It breaks for me.

It breaks for us,

The us that never was.

I sit alone,

And I wonder

How things could have been.

Tiny shreds of hope

Deep within,

That maybe I can hold him.

Maybe I can fall asleep in his arms.

Maybe someday,

He will let me love him

But until then,

Every tear that falls,

Is only a memory

Of the cracks that

Shatter my heart.

-Sabrina Hoddy

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