Posted by: dreamerspoetry | February 1, 2010

I Love Pancakes

I love pancakes
I love them in all shapes and sizes
Round pancakes
Square pancakes
Even triangular ones
A parallelogram pancake would be pure delight

I love them in different flavors
I love chocolate
I love peach and strawberry
and of course blueberry
I even like rhubarb
but not broccoli

I could eat them for breakfast
I could eat them for lunch
and even for dinner
I call that brinner

I love pancakes
and I hope you love them

-John Hoddy

Posted by: dreamerspoetry | October 11, 2009

The Way of Life

Why do you run from me?

What did I ever do to you?

Why are you scared to look me in the eye?

I promised I wouldn’t bite you.

I never once tried to hurt you.

You know I’d let myself die first.

Why do you hide behind the guilt when you know,

I forgave you for all the hurt?

Like chasing twilight, at the break of dawn,

And finding warmth in the pouring rain,

Going to heaven to bring your heart back to me,

Alone and crying through the pain,

But it’s the way of life.

Still you wont listen to these words,

Though they were meant just for you,

I’m the one with a broken heart,

I let it go, but I can’t let go of you,

You said we’d be friends to the end,

For forever and a day,

Now I am standing here by myself,

And you keep walking away.

I don’t have to keep trying,

You won’t see me crying,

I’m being strong for you,

Whether you want me to be or not.

-Brittney Taylor

Posted by: dreamerspoetry | September 27, 2009

Aroma of my Heart

The aroma of my heart
Is a perfume never to be made.
Look at this bottle here.
It lays as my love sprinkles
Across the world,
The aroma of my heart.
If you were a scent
You would be an embodiment of nature.
Mmm… my favorite flavor is you.
The aroma of my heart.
My aroma is the pulse
That this piano has found.
I am a flower
Numb to the ground
Am I
Trapped in the aroma of my heart.
My heart,
It’s dancing in your brain
To try to contain itself
Inside of you
Where the sky is gone
It has been taken
Like a photo
Stripped from the equation,
Now to rain down
The aroma of my heart.
Let this aroma
Be a partner in dance,
Now take a second glance
As the magic
Of yours and my aroma
Dance together.
In the aroma of my heart.

-Ariel Perkins

Posted by: dreamerspoetry | September 27, 2009

World of Hope

The world cries

Its tears fall to darkness.

People say we’re okay

I guess

But they are blinded.

A world of hope is born

Help me find the seed

But it has been washed away with disbelief.

A child without hope

Is a chind made of pain.

Help me find the sun,

He is trapped in a cloud of rain.

This is a world of hope.

We must shine our light

On those who have less.

Lets all share our light

And show that we are largesse

In a world of hope.

Where is the sun

In ask of war

I know a world that could be so much more.

A world of hope is a photograph

With every click a glimpse of pain.

Every image you erase

Because you know it’s a lie.

It’s a world of hope.

Where is the heart of hope?

I do not feel it bleed

Someone tell me what is happening to our world.

A world of hope

Where is the hope in this darkened room?

Someone to say

“Don’t worry,

This smile will not be strange to you

In a world of hope.

-Ariel Perkins

Posted by: dreamerspoetry | September 27, 2009

Pedals of an Angel

The pedals fall

Smashing the ground

Wait to see

The sound that they hold.

Its pedals black,

Burned and weeping,

Tattoo the core of this being here.

You look through broken glass,

Create and rebirth my past.

Help me find my home,

Cannot bleed

Pedals go numb

Is this how pain is begun?

Your pedals give me a guiding start

They help me find the pedals of my heart.

It’s not right

That your pedals have no stem.

It’s not right that they ripped it all away.

How much more can one flower take?

Pedals of an angel

Create a rainbow fire.

As hearts search for your flower,

The flames burn even higher.

Pedals of an angel.

-Ariel Perkins

Posted by: dreamerspoetry | September 27, 2009

Tick Tock

With your hand

You stop the clock

That resides in your mind,

You hold your words in hand

Can you feel the regret?

You sit here

As nothing has happened

Yet you watch the world drain away.

Standing in the clouds

High and tall.

Tick tock.

God places photos on the wall of your mind.

This train of words takes you back

Above your dreams

Coloring in a familiar scene.

Tick tock.

Watch your consciense

Shatter the clouds.

Tick tock.

Your clock is busted

You’re disgusted

Memories shattered on the ground.

Tick tock.

You sit inside a memory.

You think I would bleed

A million times

Just to be that happy again.

Tick tock.

-Ariel Perkins

Posted by: dreamerspoetry | September 26, 2009

Guiding Eyes

You paint my sun,

You darken my sky.

In the soul of these clouds

I swear, I know I see

Your eyes

They watch me,

Your guiding eyes.

In these books

I see your words

Clearly on each page.

Its like I’m reading your mind

Because these words

They cannot be erased.

I feel you hug me with your mind

As I mourn.

With your heart

You control my pen

And the words that I form.

Your heart sheds a tear

As you let in the rest.

They just fold it up

And use it as a paperweight at best.

They don’t see the pain that resides here.

As you fade away

And become one with your tears.

When you see me succeed,

I feel your joy

Dance on my skin.

As I write across your heart

I feel it beating again.

I can see you

And your guiding eyes.

-Ariel Perkins

Posted by: dreamerspoetry | September 26, 2009

Ghost That You Know

I’m drowning in words of past experience

As the ghosts of my thoughts chain me down.

It fills me up in the darkness

As the ghost

Screams at me now.

The heart turns purple

Your mind turns to ice

As the body fades away.

The darkness hugs your body

To ease the pain.

It drowns the body

And blackens the brain.

As you search for the ghost that you know.

The ghosts are laughing

As your words burn you

And you search for the fire.

Holding you still

The ghost fill your body

And paint scars upon your skin.

The scars are your fears

The scent of doubt burns within

Where is the ghost that you know?

Stained in your walls

The ghost of your conscience

Sucking on all fears and facts.

These ghosts bleed into your memories

Watch them turn black now.

Those are the ghosts that you know.

-Ariel Perkins

Posted by: dreamerspoetry | September 26, 2009

One Hand Can Light The World

Broken bottles,

Now broken glass sings

A sad song of your past

To you.

Here in a darkened room

A little boy fighting,

Hurt and gloom,

Is left to dream alone.

As his soul cries

The world says its hands are tied.

They don’t realize

One hand can light the world.

One hand can light the darkened faces.

And help the world see other places

That still need our light.

Your conscience bleeds

As you watch them suffer.

You cradle yourself like a mother now.

Do you realize

How one hand can light the world?

One hand’s touch

Watch time as the flame fills the mind,

And the dream begins to be born.

In the heart

Burns a seed

To heal the wounds

Left here to bleed

One hand can light the world!

-Ariel Perkins

Posted by: dreamerspoetry | August 27, 2009

Right For Me

When I first met her,
I knew she was right for me,
shook my hands, and gave me a smile
I knew she was right for me
ate what she wanted, but never wasted,
I knew she was right for me
the songs she listens too, and the way she wears her hair,
I knew she was right for me,
same thoughts, ideas, and dreams,
I knew she was right for me,
and here she is…just right for me!

-Michael McCormick

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