Posted by: dreamerspoetry | September 3, 2010

Of Light And Questioning

Canto I: I
I tasted sweetness but instead kissed bitterness on the lips
I exchanged uniqueness for sameness
Brokenness for seeming wholeness bright and red
but rotten to the core
You gave me beauty for ashes of a smoldering fire
that should have flickered out long ago
Abundance for a city of dead men’s thoughts and
dead men’s bones
Gifted me with riches in exchange for rusted spikes
Nails that I drove
Drown me in your infinite ocean
Stain me brilliant with your scarlet waves
Crush me and grind my bones to incense
And I will sing of you in the morning

Canto II: Head Injury Girl
I am the child of accident and circumstance
Created out of formless chaos
Broken, I become a new thing
I grasp for love, I want, I hunger
Behind these eyes, these blackened eyes
I am unknown, unknowable, unknowing
Drown me in your infinite ocean
Wash me in crimson fountains
And raise me up again unto dawnlight

Canto III: Lucien
Child of Light where art thou?
Come to me in blackest night
Heal my bleeding limbs pierced by stained glass shards
Lucien O Lucien whence comest thou?
I burn with wanting, with waiting
Drown me in oceans of light
Cauterize my wounds with brilliant luminescence
Wash me in pools of Eos
And I will sing of you at break of day

Canto the Last: Tuco Amongst the Tombs
I’ve found no answers in Religion
Only poltergeists of lesser things
That haunt the ghostly nights
Only questions in Tradition
Little phantoms that dog my heels
As I run through this graveyard
In search of gold but finding only dust
I lay dying in this city of vain imagination (The Lord is my Shepherd)
Parched in this nighttime country of mirages (I shall not)
Pernicious idols of my own creation leer at me from shadows (I)
Come to me O Adonai and bind my wounds with healing oils
Speak peace to me and quench my thirst from everlasting streams
Then I shall become again a child and bear thy yoke with gladness

-John Hoddy


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