Posted by: dreamerspoetry | April 6, 2010

Heartbreak of Fall

The leaves fall from your face

Where has that painted them gone?

It’s all turned to gray.

You paint the world with your tears,

Drowning hopelessness and fear.

It’s  a heartbreak of fall.

In every snowflake hides a song.

As the music rains down I can feel my body get warm,

I am close to you,

In the heartbreak of fall.

Hidden in the snowstorm is a scream

As you say

“Look closer, girl, I can be seen.”

Here in the heartbreak of fall.

Here is the sun hiding the twinkle of your eyes.

Holding your smile ever so cherished in the sky.

Hidden in this paintbrush,

There is love in every swirl.

As it dances over me to paint a perfect world.

Heartbreak of fall.

You shared your love,

Moving the world to make a smile.

How happy they will be,

Generations soon to see this rainbow in a bottle.

Heartbreak of fall.

-Ariel Perkins


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