Posted by: dreamerspoetry | April 6, 2010

Echoes of the Lost

Echoes of the lost and lonely

Only to be drowned out by the issues of the world.

Echoes of the lost and faded war

Is the enamel here to convince you that hope has died out.

What about the lonely children?

Break down these shadows that shield you from faith.

Let the light of God take you away.

Drowned in a future filled with pain.

When will hope exist again?

In the world of the echoes of the lost,

A little boy looks through the glass.

As he starts to wonder if hope is in his grasp,

Under the wreckage he finds it collapsed here.

Now we have relapsed in the war that scars our nation,

When hope is fired, watch the scars dissipate away.

Who will suture love in this sky of gray?

Who will be the clay to reunite our world?

Help the lonely girl in the photos that you see.

As she cries the sky of tumors sucks the spirit from me!

Where is the hope that is supposed to bleed through,

Tell me, hope, will I ever find you in the echoes of the lost?

-Ariel Perkins


Dedicated to Earth, Haiti, and all of the lonely suffering children of the world.

To all I say I love you!


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