Posted by: dreamerspoetry | September 26, 2009

Guiding Eyes

You paint my sun,

You darken my sky.

In the soul of these clouds

I swear, I know I see

Your eyes

They watch me,

Your guiding eyes.

In these books

I see your words

Clearly on each page.

Its like I’m reading your mind

Because these words

They cannot be erased.

I feel you hug me with your mind

As I mourn.

With your heart

You control my pen

And the words that I form.

Your heart sheds a tear

As you let in the rest.

They just fold it up

And use it as a paperweight at best.

They don’t see the pain that resides here.

As you fade away

And become one with your tears.

When you see me succeed,

I feel your joy

Dance on my skin.

As I write across your heart

I feel it beating again.

I can see you

And your guiding eyes.

-Ariel Perkins


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