Posted by: dreamerspoetry | September 26, 2009

Ghost That You Know

I’m drowning in words of past experience

As the ghosts of my thoughts chain me down.

It fills me up in the darkness

As the ghost

Screams at me now.

The heart turns purple

Your mind turns to ice

As the body fades away.

The darkness hugs your body

To ease the pain.

It drowns the body

And blackens the brain.

As you search for the ghost that you know.

The ghosts are laughing

As your words burn you

And you search for the fire.

Holding you still

The ghost fill your body

And paint scars upon your skin.

The scars are your fears

The scent of doubt burns within

Where is the ghost that you know?

Stained in your walls

The ghost of your conscience

Sucking on all fears and facts.

These ghosts bleed into your memories

Watch them turn black now.

Those are the ghosts that you know.

-Ariel Perkins


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