Posted by: dreamerspoetry | July 20, 2009

Children Of The Night

Their laughter echoed
Gently and faded
In the distance.
They drove in cars and
Walked down streets
To where,
They did not know.
Endless joking and
Poking fun at each other,
Then all sat and
Talked about the greater things
In life.
Some held hands,
Some watched each other,
Some would later join
With each other in
The girls,
With their pretty clothes
And perfect hair
Will compete for attention.
The boys,
With their shiny cars
And cigarettes
Lay back and watch the action.
It doesn’t matter
That every night passes
Without any sign of
Something new or different.
They don’t care that
Others scoff or look down
Upon their gatherings.
They live only
For the dark hours,
When it is easiest
To be yourself.
When big things
Seem to go away and
The little things
Are all that matter.
They are the
Children of the Night.

-Sabrina Hoddy



  1. I enjoyed reading this poem.. Such a beautiful poem 🙂

    • Thank you! 😀

  2. This is great! I hope that I can meet you and write a poem with you! You Rock!

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