Posted by: dreamerspoetry | July 13, 2009

Fairytale Ending

A life of magic,
A world of moments.
The little things
Take over and
The big things
Seem small.
I am living in a fairy tale.
My knight in shining armor
Is jousting in the tournament today.
My ladies-in-waiting
Laugh and smile at my tender thoughts.
Today I went out to the fields
And picked daisies,
While my guards stood,
Ever watchful.
I am turning the pages
Of my fairytale book,
The colors rich and
Images bright.
The tournament has begun.
On and on,
The knights ride.
The competition is cold and harsh,
For today the tournament champion
Shall win my heart.
I have no doubt
My knight will win.
Yet my heart turns to stone
As I watch him surrender
To the Black Knight
Of Reality.
I watch my knight,
His armor tarnished,
His noble steed ungroomed.
I turn and fly,
Sobbing as I reach
My tower room.
No lady nor king,
Not even a peasant
Thought to warn me.
I spent my days gazing
From the highest keep,
Daydreaming of love,
Humming melodies of happiness,
Thinking of castles and dresses,
Balls and fairies.
I watch as my fairy tale book
Is burned in the flames.
I yearned all my life for
My fairytale ending.
I never thought it would mean
The end of a fairy tale.

-Sabrina Hoddy


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