Posted by: dreamerspoetry | March 8, 2009


Surrounded by darkness
I want to cry
And scream in fear,
“Help me!”
But the words escape me
I feel cold,
But then I get a glimpse
Of a bright light up ahead
I am filled with warmth,
Happiness, hope
A feeling I haven’t felt in awhile
I rush ahead
And find myself in front of two paths,
One wider than the other
I look down the broad path
I see the darkness I’d just escaped from
The familiar fear and sorrow spreads through me
And yet, part of me wants to go down the path
To return to my past
I turn my head to the narrow path
Down it I see a beautiful candle
Its flame flickering brightly
Joy and peace return to me
A voice in my head says,
“No! Don’t go that way!
Looks are decieving!
You’ll be sad there!”
I look back into the darkness
“Yes! Yes! Go that way!
You’ll find happiness!”
I begin to take a step back into the darkness
“No, my child,
Don’t go that way!”
This voice is different, coming from my heart,
Loud and strong,
But comforting and sweet
I look deeper into the darkness
I see despair
And loneliness
Hoping for something better,
I turn back to the candle light
Before me
I see Him
He is embracing me
And telling me”It’s ok,
You’re safe now.”
I turn to the darkness
“Yes! Come here!”
The voice from my head screams
“No!” I shake my head
And run down the bright path
The voice screaming viciously now
“Silence!” The voice from my heart yells
And the dark voice fades from my mind,
The light surrounds me
As I am engulfed in His arms
His love fills me
Memories of my old life wash away
And so does my sadness
Leaving only joy
And love
His love

-Megan Parker


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