Posted by: dreamerspoetry | March 6, 2009

The Cemetery

Lighting strikes and

Thunder rolls

As the rain

Falls from the sky,

Dripping down

The gravestones

In this dark cemetery.

Cautiously I venture

Down the paths between the markers.

Shadows lurking

Everywhere I look.

I know that

I am searching for


In this godforsaken place,

But as to what,

I don’t know.

Shivering against

The cold,

I continue on.

After a while,

When I peer

Through the fog and mist,

I see something

Different about

One of the graves.

When I reach

This graveside

And read the marker,

I cannot help

But to be astonished.

For the name on the stone

Is mine.

The only thing I can see

Wrong is the date of death.

It says here

I died long ago.

I stare down

Into the empty grave.

I find myself staring

Into the mirror at home.

Slowly I back away

As I crumble to the floor.

-Sabrina Hoddy


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