Posted by: dreamerspoetry | March 6, 2009

Reason for the Sadness

Somewhere deep in our hearts

There is a reason

For everything.

Hidden underneath

The good times,

Happy memories, and

Hopeful dreams

Hides the brokenness.

Torn and anguished

Is the spirit

No one sees.

Secrets you hide,

Never whispered

To anyone,

Never written down

In any diary.

Dark things.

Evil things.

Some things are good

To remember.

Others are best left


Sometimes there is

A reason for the sadness

In someone’s eyes and the

Fear in their heart.

Some things will

Haunt you,

Hovering at the

Back of your very being


No matter how hard

You try to forget,

No matter how far

You run,

It will always be there,

Waiting to destroy you.

-Sabrina Hoddy


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