Posted by: dreamerspoetry | February 26, 2009

Beauty Queen


Gleaming streaks of

Reddish gold cascaded

Over her shoulders.

Her golden green eyes

Held the rich chocolate secrets

Of her past.

Dazzling smiles

Dissipated the doubts

Of anyone who believed her

To be unhappy.

She laughed as she chattered

With the ones she called

Her friends.

Tall, slender, and with perfect poise,

She carried herself with dignity.

No one dared to touch

The queen of their lives.

No one that believed her lies.

Because at home,

Behind closed doors,

She cried.

She picked up the locks of gold

So loved,

And hated them.

She examines her face

In the bathroom mirror,

Wishing her nose

A little smaller,

Her blemishes gone.

She laughs-

In pain.

She shakes her head in disbelief,

Not knowing how her lies have stood


She cries herself to sleep,

Wondering if she will ever

Feel beautiful, sexy, gorgeous,

Or even just pretty.

Wondering if anyone will ever

Love her.

So she gets up,

Puts on her mask of

Makeup, clothes, and perfume,

Facing the world again,

Ready to lie for this life she lives.

She will do anything to keep it.

-Sabrina Hoddy


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