Posted by: dreamerspoetry | February 20, 2009

Quiet Beauty

In the silence I will walk,

My destination is

The snow falls softly,

A gentle breath

Of the sky.
Near the water

I will sit,

Just to think

For a moment.
To pray,

For the first time

I am calling,

Begging for a miracle.

Slowly I return,

With the thoughts

Tumbling in my head.

I stand,

Hiding nothing

From the eyes of the world.

With the water

Pouring over me,

It would be easy

To allow the tears
To fall.
There is no one here

To judge me.
Yet the tears don’t come.

I am frozen inside,

And the ice is

Beginning to shatter.

I try to wash away

The fear and the doubt,

The insecurities and the pain.

Tonight I am raw,

With nothing left

To protect me.

I am tired,
No willpower left,

To do anything that matters.
So I wander,

Through the night,
Through my mind,
Through the past,

Through my dreams.
I have no path
To lead me,

But for hours
I have walked.
Tonight I will find

That path.

Life’s journey will

Bring me to it.

Until then,
In the quiet beauty

Of the night,

I will listen.
For the angels
Are whispering.

-Sabrina Hoddy


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